Strength + Healing + Protection + Resilience. 

Believed to be a strengthening and healing stone, promoting protection and resilience to the wearer. Fortifying confidence and guarding against negativity. 


Protection + Hope + Joy + Energy

Spinel is a natural gemstone worn to repel negative energy. A protective stone which will help to ground the wearer by replacing resentment and anger with hope and joy. Black spinel are often mistaken as diamonds due to their shiny sparkly lustre. 


Harmony + Balance + Confidence + Creativity

A soothing and calming stone that is believed to distance the wearer from stress and problems, promoting harmony and balance. Blue Topaz is a natural gemstone and many are heat enhanced for their magnificent blue hues.


Mind + Body + Spirit + Connection

Chalcedony is believed to harmonise the mind, body and spirit and may absorb negative energy and instil generosity. It is also believed that the Chalcedony gemstone may improve, and increase physical energy.  


Mental Focus + Clearing cloudy thoughts + Grounding

A bright white man made diamond simulant derived from a naturally occurring mineral, zirconium oxide. Cubic zirconia is considered to be one of the best diamond simulant and they're often mistaken for a natural diamond. They're an affordable diamond alternative and have incredible sparkle and versatility. 


Success + Energy of love + Courage

Diamonds have long been known throughout history for their strength and beauty. Representing good health, long life and everlasting love. 


Protection + Strength + Harmony + Spirituality

Believed to harmonise the mind, body and spirit by absorbing negative energy and promoting generosity. Also believed to increase physical energy.


Good fortune + Good luck + Calming + Spiritual

Green Amethyst is believed to be a calming and spiritual stone, worn to decrease negative energy. Green Amethyst belongs to the quartz family and often heat treated to enhance the delicate green colours that we all love. Green amethyst's correct name is prasiolite but is commonly referred to as green amethyst. 


Self assurance + Endurance in adverse situations + Intuition.

Like a dark winers sky, iolite appears to shift under different light conditions with shades of blue / violet and caries the spirit of journey. Awakening your dreams and supporting your intuition. 


Inspires confidence + Self expression + Clarity + Honesty

A highly spiritual stone known as the stone of truth and friendship. Supporting the wearer with love and protection in relationships. 


Balance + Abundance/Manifestation + Money + Wealth + Opportunities

Lush green Malachite packs a power punch. Known in the crystal healing world as the warrior stone, Malachite serves as a guardian angel of the heart. Whatever you're searching for - love, money, power, Malachite offers you the gift of wisdom to know the difference between abundance of the spirit and monetary wealth. 


Love + Emotional healing + Compassion

An extraordinary gemstone for cleansing our emotions of destructive and negative feelings. Assisting in releasing guilt, worry, depression and anxiety by gently guiding these emotions into self love. 


Calm + Balance inner peace + Stability

Purple Amethysts are known to be a healing stone and thought to heighten natural intuition. Well known for their distinct and beautiful purple hues, which may range from light pinkish violet to deep purple. Sister stone to yellow citrine.


Attracting love + Keeping love + Healing the heart

Rose quartz holds the universal energy of love. For attracting love, keeping love and healing the heart from disappointment. A member of the quartz family this stone is sometimes called pink quartz. Unique and unlike any other pink mineral colours may range from soft baby pink to rose red.


Power stone + Grounding + Protection + Balance

Known to have a protective and grounding energy that may sooth and uplift the wearer, providing protection, balance and harmony. We love their rich smoky chocolate tones.


Clarity + Calmness + Protection + Healing

A soothing and calming stone believed to distance the wearer from stress and problems, promoting harmony and balance. Colourless, clear and transparent natural white topaz is a beautiful and versatile gemstone which dances and sparkles in the sunlight. Their beautiful natural sparkle can be mistaken for a diamond if cut well. 


Increase concentration + Clarity + Calmness + Protection + Healing 

Enhances daily happiness and concentration. A good all rounder gemstone which supports concentration in a crisis and assists the wearer to feel calm and focussed. 


Abundance + Prosperity + Self confidence

A feel-good stone, yellow citrine is believed to inspire enthusiasm and self confidence promoting new beginnings of abundance and prosperity.