Every beautiful natural gemstone we use in our collection has been personally hand selected and custom hand cut, faceted and polished for our designs. We pride ourself our high quality gemstones and work closely with our lapidist (gem cutters) to guarantee that we only use the best. We begin by selecting the rough gem material. Our lapidist skilfully cut and polish our stones to shape. Every gemstone we use is carefully considered to produce the very best quality end product and beautiful jewellery piece. "We do not use bulk purchased, low grade, low cost gemstones."

Because we use natural gemstones you might experience slight colour variants from one stone to the other, and you may see tiny imperfections within the gemstones. These are beautiful characteristics and naturally occurring fingerprints (DNA) inside the gemstones. We embrace their individual beauty and love that they're one of a kind. Produced by Mother Nature, forming and growing over tens of thousands of years, and very often taking millions of years. 

Having lived in South East Asia for many years and on the doorstep to the some of best regions in the world for gem hunting. My absolute dedication and genuine love for gemstones and jewellery design is a deep passion. I pride myself on my personal service and quality. 

Natalie Elverd, Designer and Founder

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