We source all of our stones from our wonderful and supportive suppliers in Thailand and as many know, Thailand imports some of the best gemstones in the world. Our stones are directly imported from their mining locations, such as Thailand, India, Brazil, Turkey and Africa (no not where the blood diamonds are from). Our stones arrive into Thailand in their rough natural gemstone form. This is where the fun begins. I select all our stones myself, before they are all individually hand cut just for our designs. Because my designs are very specific and because quality is important to me, they are all treated with individual attention. If I'm not happy with a stone, I don't use it! A budding gemologist, quality, stone origin and of course ethically sourced stones and are important to me.


We're always on the gem-hunt and on the lookout for new gemstones to add to our collection. These gorgeous gemstones often feature in our collection: Blue topaz, ruby, citrine, lemon quartz, green amethyst (prasiolite) smoky quartz, purple amethyst, peridot, aqua chalcedony, black Onyx, green agate, white quartz and white topaz, rose quartz, black spinel, malachite, lapis lazuli and diamonds.

Many natural gemstones today are heat enhanced to brighten them, to remove imperfections and to magnify their natural beauty. They are no less desirable. In fact, often more beautiful. We do not use synthetic, filled or plastic or glass reproductions of any kind. 

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We're based in Singapore and post all orders directly from Singapore. TheAC 420 Joo Chiat Rd.


Singapore: We welcome you to our flagship store located in the beautiful and historic area of Joo Chiat. View and try on our collection in person. TheAc 420 Joo Chiat Rd 427641.

Open 7 days a week. Mon - Sat 10am to 6pm. Sun 12 to 5pm. +65 8742 7670

Australia: We welcome you to our urban city location. Design A Space (DAS) located in the heart of the city in Manchester Lane. View and try on our collection in person. 20 Manchester Lane. Ph 03 9663 8991 

Open 7 days a week. Mon 12 to 5pm. Tue - Sat 10am to 6pm. Sun 12pm to 4pm. 

You'll find us at pop up, fashion shows & fundraising events. For event details and new collection launches, follow our social platforms for announcements and sign up to our newsletter to keep updated.


Need help selecting or purchasing a gift and unsure the ring size? Are you a Mr buying for your queen, or a queen buying for your queen? We're experts at this and have many happy customers all over the world. We love to help with gift purchases. 

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Our jewellery is hand made with care in Bangkok by our experienced goldsmiths. We have been working with our trusted jewellers for many years. 

Why Bangkok? Thailand is well known for their jewellery artisans and after searching for the right manufacturing fit for my designs and boutique business needs, I met a small family owned and operated business team in Bangkok who employ talented goldsmiths. What appealed to me was not only the high quality manufacturing standard, but their quality of work space and "fair trade" approach to their business and staff. 


The inspiration behind our collection is to design affordable, wearable, luxury jewellery using beautiful, natural gemstones as the centrepiece. With this in mind, our silver collections are made with solid 925 Sterling Silver and plated with Rhodium. Rhodium is a member of the Platinum family and provides all our pieces with a beautiful luxurious finish, like the brightness of white gold. 

All our designs are made with 925 solid sterling silver and made to order with solid 9K, 14K, 18K, or 22K. Don't see what you're looking for on our website? Get in touch.

Rhodium Plating: Our 925 Sterling silver pieces are rhodium plated. We use the best quality and plate with double thickness market standard rhodium.  We apply the same principal as rhodium plating white gold jewellery. This plating will help prevent our silver pieces from tarnishing (oxidising) as quickly as most other silver jewellery will. The appearance is that of white gold, shiny and luxurious. Rhodium plating is strong, but not permanent. Please remove your jewellery whilst swimming, showering, cleaning, exercising, applying hand creams. All jewellery needs love and care to keep it looking its best. Humid and hot weather conditions may effect the plating. When not worn dry and store in small airtight bags. If traveling, this will also help to prevent damage and scratches. From time to time, you may need to re plate the rhodium, as the plating will eventually wear off. This is common practice and most jewellery shops in your city location will offer this service and it is relatively inexpensive. 


Yes, all our pieces are covered under our one year warranty for manufacturing faults. We do have quality control systems to check each item before we sell it. Unfortunately our warranty DOES NOT cover damaged caused by accidental drops, or knocks that may break or damage your jewellery/gemstones. All jewellery is precious and must be carefully stored and cared for. Please use care to store your pieces when you are not wearing them, remove jewellery whilst cleaning, washing, swimming, showering, gardening, applying creams, perfumes etc.. and we advise children not to play with your jewellery. One drop onto a hard surface may cause irreparable damage to your precious jewellery, a drop/knock may break a prong holding stones in place and cause them to fall out, or chip/break a gemstone which may not be repairable. Please be mindful that silver is a softer metal than gold and may bend or break if knocked with force onto a surface causing irreparable damage. 


Words by Natalie, founder and designer. 

"Gemstones and jewellery design are my love and passion. I draw inspiration from my travels, the people I have met, and from the colourful, inspiring and beautiful countries I have been fortunate enough to have lived and traveled to. Born in Australia, at the age of seven, I moved to live on Cocos Island with my family and then later moved to live with my own family to Cambodia, Dubai, Singapore and now Myanmar. Asia has been a wonderfully colourful, vibrant and inspiring place to live. I adore it, and draw inspiration from my travel experiences, architecture and surroundings."

All of my jewellery designs come alive after much discussion with my fine jewellers. Samples are made, we test and tweak until each piece is perfect and ready for production. I continue to develop my design style and grow as a designer. 

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Sometimes, we may be able to source an alternative stone/s for our designs.  Let me know what you're after by submitting a note in our Contact Us page at the bottom of our website. 

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We ship worldwide and use Fedex 2-4 business days depending on your location. International postage is free for orders over $200. You will receive a tracking number when your order has been dispatched.

Singapore locations: Free courier service 1-3 days


Postal charges do not include possible taxes and duties which may be applied by customs in the country where the order will arrive to. The responsibility for any customs duties, foreign taxes or other fees which may be imposed will rest with the customer.


1. Try using a ring you own to determine your ring size with our printable ring size chart. Tap here to print it Ring Size Chart. We use Singapore, Australian, British and American sizing references on our website, and we can custom make to any size you need. Our international ring sizing can be referenced if you're in Hong kong, Europe etc. If you're unsure, get in touch. we're here to help! 

2. We have a very affordable Ring Sizing Kit available to purchase for a couple of dollars. Tap here to find it Ring sizing Kit. The ring sizer works like a belt. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape for fast and accurate ring sizing. 

3. We recommend popping into a local jewellery shop. Ask them to size the exact finger you wish to wear your ring on (left and right hands are not always the same size). This takes about 1min. Tell us the size reference you have, it may be a letter or a number. We will advise on the size you need to buy on our website.  


We are a boutique business and do not manufacture items in mass produced quantities. We hand make each piece and if we have sold out of a design or size you need, the item may be available to preorder. Many of our pieces are very popular and may sell out of some sizes or stone colours quickly. Contact us as soon as possible natalie.elverd@gmail.com. 

Talk to our designer Natalie live on WhatsApp +95 9793 106315 from any location. 


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Contact us at natalie.elverd@gmail.com