I have seven Elverd Designs Rings. My first purchase was a Smoky Quartz Nadia Ring almost three years ago, and since then I've bought an Art Deco Ring in Black Onyx, an Art Deco Ring in Green Agate, an Art Deco Ring in Green Amethyst, and two Black Spinel Eternity Rings. I have also commissioned a Purple Amethyst Rose Gold ring.

I love all my Elverd Design rings. I think I admire my Purple Amethyst Rose Gold Ring the most for it’s unique beauty as the purple and rose gold look absolutely stunning together! I receive a compliment every time I wear it, which is probably at least three to four times per week. My friends say "Oh I love that ring. That's your Elverd Ring”! The classic design of the Art Deco ring means it can be dressed up or down. It is so versatile and in black onyx it can look elegant at a formal dinner, or rock-chick cool when out to a casual lunch. At the moment I love the combination of my Black Onyx Art Deco Ring worn on one hand, and my two stackable Eternity Rings in Black Spinel on the other hand.

The whole process from design to delivery with Natalie was a joy. Natalie is extremely professional, and is passionate about what she does and genuinely wants you to have a ring that you love too. She listens, provides advice but never pushes, is enthusiastic and always follows up. Nothing is too much trouble for Natalie. So when I wear an Elverd Design ring I get a sense that I am wearing a gorgeous ring designed by a gorgeous lady. Natalie and her staff are very approachable, provide a great follow-up service and are always prompt and professional dealing with any queries I may have.

Ms H. Singapore 



I love my three adopted babies all the same....and I have taken them on some great trips with me!

I bought them for myself as a birthday and Mother's Day gifts, mainly because I love natural stones and I wanted a little colour to accessorize with and a little extra bling in my life. I chose the Blue Topaz and Yellow Citrine Nadia Rings. I love the checkerboard cut because of their brilliant sparkle and they each have their own amazing unique colour! I feel glamorous each time I wear them.

The one I wear the most is my Art Decor Green Amethyst. It’s a gorgeous neutral colour that wears well with almost everything I wear, from casual to eveningwear. The simple lines make the ring a very classy design.

I am so looking forward to my next purchase!! I have a Pink Amethyst in mind, maybe in the art deco style or similar and earrings because they are not too heavy to wear, and match what I already own.

I love stacking rings, would love to see this option in your range.

Ms K. Singapore



I do love my black baby!!! It's mysterious and eye catching and for me very aspirational. I love wearing my statement piece at night with a very clean background in terms of clothes. I don't want anything to detract from it. I never wear any other jewelry when I wear that piece.

I wear my Elverd Design piece when I need reminding that I have worth and that I am a queen!

Ms P. Sydney



I love all of my Elverd Design rings. But this one is my favourite - made just for me with a lovely red number. I love red, and this ring is simple and understated but perfect for me. 

I wear my Elverd Design ring most days. It works as a neutral and just a nice addition to any outfit. I actually wore it today with my lovely Alex Black shirtdress for a meeting.

Ms A. Singapore



I bought my Elverd Design ring because it was love at first sight.

I am a big lover of traditional yellow gold. So that was a must for me. I worked with Elverd Designs to be able to have a multi function ring that I can easily wear out shopping for groceries as much as I can wear it to an elegant evening soiree.

I wear my favourite piece about five out of the seven days of the week. One of the few times I don't wear it is when I am working out in the gym. Although I am sure it would look great even in that setting.

Ms K. Myanmar



My favourite Elverd Design piece would be the large square Onyx ring. Although I do love the yellow one too... I can't choose because I love my smoky quartz one as well. Oh hell, fine! Onyx it is.

I bought it to symbolize the strength I have within me, that I didn't know I had, when I got divorced. I love to wear it as a statement piece, on my middle finger (of course) and with no bracelets or other rings. The ring is the focus and it is always the case with all your other rings I buy. I wear it probably once every two weeks.

I'm so keen to get the necklace and bracelet from the new Elverd Design range. So gorgeous!!!!! Love your work Nat x

Ms J. Sydney



My favourite design is the Siobhan Earrings. Why? Because they are elegant, easy to wear and they always look great! How do I like to wear them? Often. How often? Nearly everyday, except when I'm in a rush and forget to wear anything!

Ms S. Singapore